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Fleche - 31 March 2007


Fleche / Arrow

A Team Cycling Event

The Flèches-USA are 24-hour randonnées held in various regions of the United States during the spring. The traditional event date is Easter weekend, but it may be held from one week before Easter until seven weeks after. The Flèches-USA are administered by Randonneurs USA (RUSA) and its Regional Brevet Administrators (RBA). These rides are patterned after the Flèche Vélocio held by the Audax Club Parisien (ACP) in France, and count toward the ACP's Randonneur-5000 award. Each team is limited to a maximum of five members and a minimum of three members. Tandems or other multi-rider vehicles count as a single member. Members of the same team may assist one another. However, teams are expressly forbidden to aid each other, even teams from the same club. The one exception to this is in the event of a medical emergency. During the event, riders may not draft anyone except their flèche teammates. The Flèches-USA are team events; no individual entries are allowed. Each team may start its ride between noon Thursday and 10:00 AM on Saturday. The minimum distance required for the 24-hour period is 360 KM. No rest stop may exceed two hours in any one location. Traditionally in the South Central Florida Region we usually start our Fleches at 07:00 am on Easter Saturday and finish at our destination at 07:00 am Easter Sunday Morning. This year our destination is Clermont, Fl.

Each team is to design its own route that is at least 360 KM in length. The traditional format for a flèche is point-to-point, like an archer's arrow (flèche in French) flying toward its target. Though not a classic flèche route, a large circuit or loop may also be used, such as to make a scenic tour of a region. However, an out-and-back route is not consistent with the traditions of the flèche. Out-and-back route segments are permitted, such as to obtain food and supplies in remote regions, but no control may be used more than once and no road segment may be used more than once in the same direction. If an out-and-back route segment is utilized in the overall route design, a control point must be located at its turnaround.

A team captain is either elected, or volunteers for the position and is responsible to send in two complete copies of the route map and cue sheets along with registration forms and entry fees ($25 each) for all team members to the RBA at least four weeks in advance with a self addressed stamped envelope for return of brevet cards and approved routes.

Our dead line will be Friday, March 2nd, 2007. The Fleche will be held on Saturday, March 31st and Sunday April 1st, 2007. Complete details for riders and team captains is located on the RUSA web site www.rusa.org.org under the “team events” link. Registration forms and other information found on our web site: www.bike4one.com/brevets/.

Please notify me if you would like to be on a team so we can get teams formed for this really fun event.

Sincerely, Michael E. Grussemeyer, RBA, South Central Florida Region, e:mail web site: www.bike4one.com/brevets/ Ph; 239-549-7459

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