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2005 South Central Florida Brevet Series

sponsored by

Florida Freewheelers Orlando


New: Take a look at the Fall Series!

New: RUSA APPROVED SCHEDULE for the 2006 Brevet series!


Ride schedule and cue sheets

200k additional information

300k additional information
400k additional information
600k additional information
Fall Series   
Event Motel
Randonneurs USA (RUSA)
Required Equipment
Safety Inspection
Medals and Awards



The RBA (Regional Brevet Administrator) for the South Central Florida Brevet Series is Michael Grussemeyer. He is responsible for the contents of this webpage. Feel free to contact him at for any questions you have related to this series.

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                         "BREVET" ?

There is no direct English translation of the French term "randonnee", loosely translated, "To go on a long trip on foot or bicycle". A person who goes on a "randonnee" is called a "randonneur" (male), "randonneuse" (female), but in America we tend to lump everything together and call both sexes "Randonneur". In cycling, it means a hard-riding enthusiast who is trying to complete a long randonnee within a certain time allotment. Note that a randonnee is not a race. It is not uncommon for the last finishers to get as much applause as the first. Indeed there is much camaraderie in randonneuring.

One does it to test oneself against the clock, weather, and a challenging route, but not to beat the other riders. Randonneuring stresses self-sufficiency. Help can only be given at checkpoints or controls along the route, however randonneurs are free to buy food, supplies, or bike repairs at any stores they encounter along the route.

Once riders have successfully completed a 200-kilometer "randonnee" or "BREVET...pronounced Brev vay, they are entitled to be called a "randonneur" or "randonneuse". Brevet in French means a "certificate" or "diploma". Randonnee's are frequently called a "Brevet", which is typically a challenging 200km, 300km,400km, 600km, 1000km, or 1200km (kilometer) ride, each with a specific time limit. The randonneur carries a Brevet card (certificate), which is signed and stamped at each checkpoint (control) along the way to prove they have successfully completed the distance. The shortest Brevet is a 200km (125 miles) and is an entry point for those looking for a challenge greater than our standard centuries, the longest is the 1200km (720 miles plus) done in 90 hours or less with little rest or time to waste. One must qualify for the longer 1000km and 1200km rides by doing a series of four brevets, a 200km, 300km, 400km, and a 600km all within one calendar year.

Those interested in doing the brevets for certification or awards will join RUSA, Randonneurs USA, a national organization whose goals are to promote randonneuring in the US and to provide services to randonneurs. You do not have to be a member of RUSA to participate in the brevets. Some just ride the first two or three distances to prepare for double centuries or 24 hours at Sebring. RUSA doesn't actually organize any rides, but rather coordinates the brevets of the Regional Brevet Administrators (RBAs) and clubs that sponsor them. RUSA acts as the interface between the Audax (pronounced Oh-docks) Club Parisien in France and the American riders and RBAs.

We ride at night on the longer brevets, and it is recommended to have two forms of headlights, a Primary Headlight bright enough to see the road ahead, and a Secondary smaller one used to be seen by motorists, and two taillights, one used as Primary, the other as backup. For battery operated lights it is recommended that you validate the run time of your batteries and carry spare batteries. Many of you already have a headlight and taillight which would serve as secondary lights, so there would be a saved expense. The 200km brevet usually starts and finishes in daylight. if you are planning to ride the brevets do the 200km, bring what lighting you have, and come see the lighting systems of the seasoned riders before purchasing lights for the next brevet. All other distances require lighting. All bikes and lights are inspected the evening before the event. See the Required Equipment section for more details.

The Florida Freewheelers of Orlando are the sponsoring club for the brevets held in the South Central Region of Florida.

For further information on Brevets, contact Michael E. Grussemeyer, RBA for South Central Florida, and Brevet Director of The Florida Freewheelers at: e:mail ; phone number 239-549-7459.

This web site http://www.bike4one.com/brevets/  contains information on RIDE SCHEDULES and CUE SHEETS, BIKE EQUIPMENT, LIGHTING, GPS, etc. Contact the RUSA web site www.rusa.org for further information on brevets nationwide, history, and membership.

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Ride schedule and cue sheets:

Distance Date/Time Time limit Cue sheet / GPS routing files Map overview
200 km
125 mi  
8th January
7 AM
13:30 Brevet_Central_2005_200k.xls


brevet_central_2005_200k.gif (109971 bytes)
300 km
188 mi  
5th February
6 AM
20:00 Brevet_Central_2005_300k.xls


brevet_central_2005_300k.gif (112799 bytes)
400 km
250 mi  
5th March
4 AM



brevet_central_2005_400k.png (108181 bytes)
600 km
375 mi  
2nd April
4 AM



brevet_central_2005_600k.png (97079 bytes)

If the cue sheets and/or GPS file states "draft version", this will give you a general idea on where we ride. In most cases the roads will be checked again a week before the event and there could be last minute changes. Check this webpage again 3 to 4 days before the event.

Garmin GPS information:
- Maps used: City Select North America v6
- Settings: Bicycle - Shorter Distance

Results will be found at the Result page.


200k additional information:

Check the detailed 200k information.

300k additional information:

Check the detailed 300k information.

400k additional information:

Check the detailed 400k information.

600k additional information:

Check the detailed 600k information.

Falls Series Information:

Check the detailed Fall Series information.

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Event Motel:

The Holiday Inn Express, Clermont, Florida will be the Host Motel. It is located on the southwest quadrant of the intersection of US Hwy 27 and SR 50. There is a Denny's next door which is open 24/7 and a Cumberland Farms CS, 24/7 0.1 mile south. All along SR 50 a mile or less away are many new chain restaurants. There are Theme Parks and Shopping for the non rider family members.

All reservation must be made by you, mention the BIKE DISCOUNT when calling the Holiday Inn Express Clermont, Fl. 352-243-7878

Holiday Inn Express
1810 South Hwy. 27
Clermont, FL 34711
(352) 243-7878
Map and Direction

All rides will leave from the front of the Motel. On the 600km we will pass close to the Host Motel around the 250 mile mark for those wishing to catch a couple of hours of Z's before finishing. This is a 70 room modern facility, serving a free continental breakfast 6:30 to 10 am. The official rule of the General Managers is that no bicycles are allowed in the rooms, but bikes locked on vehicles will have a well lit parking lot. So please don't ask the staff, if you can take your bikes to the room.

Notice: Although the host motel has a regulation that no bikes are allowed, it is not normally enforced if you bring you bikes in the back or side entrance, not past the front desk. Please do not lean your chainrings up against the beds, and don't use their towels to clean your bikes. That is the reason some of the motels are not allowing bikes, or charging an extra fee like they do for pets. Thanks!

Rooms at the Holiday Inn Express are $99 for two double beds, $89 for a single King plus tax. This is their rock bottom price during season. If you are a Priority Club Member you can have a 2pm late check out at no charge instead of 11am.

Because this is the only modern motel in the area, it is filled most of the time. I would suggest if you are planning to ride any of the series, to book now, you can cancel within 24hrs if you decide not to ride or you find another place. Do not wait, they are usually filled for week ends especially 30 to 60 days in advance.

All of the other motels are Mom & Pop types which are in disrepair and are usually full with weekly rentals.

The next nearest motels are 9 & 10 miles away e.g. the Howard Johnson Express Inn, nine miles north of Clermont on Hwy. 27. The owner Mark Wilson, will give us a rate of $59.00 per night plus taxes.

Howard Johnson Express Inn
20329 US Hwy 27 North
Clermont, Fl. 34711
(352) 429-9033

There are less expensive motels just as nice as The Holiday Inn near the Disney Main Gate on SR 192 about 30 to 40 minutes away for those willing to travel.

Another possibility for those of you, that prefer camping:

Lake Louisa State Park
7305 US Hwy.27
Clermont, Fl. 34714
(352) 394-3969

Camping reservations call Reserve America at 1-800-326-3521.

Lake Louisa State Park is located six miles south of our host motel at CR 50 & US Hwy. 27. It has 60 new campsites, with state of the art bathhouses which have washing machines on the outside. There are 20 cabins under construction which may be ready as soon as March, so keep checking with them about the cabins. This could well be our Host starting point in the future when the cabins are complete. Many trails, fishing, swimming, canoeing, etc. Vehicle entrance (single occupant) $3.00, (two - eight occupants) $4.00. If you just wanted to take a shower after a ride before returning home, $3.00 would be cheap, (bring a towel). Overnight camping, $21.00 plus tax (includes water and electric and sewer). There are sixty campsites, 14 are for full sized RV hook up. They also have a pump out station. This is a beautiful park with bike, hiking, and horseback trails. For more info see website listed above.

Lake Louisa Update:
The cabins are nearing completion. It looks like they will be finished by the first of March. They sleep six persons, have a full kitchen with utensils, a fireplace, and a screened porch overlooking a small lake. They are not sure what the charge will be, but the same models at the Silver River State Park go for $100 per night. Also, the back entrance should be open after February 22, when the installation of a new drainage system is completed under Lake Nellie Road. With this back entrance open, we could connect to all of our existing routes through this entrance. It is possible for us to run the brevets out of here next year. I am negotiating with the Park Manager at this time. He sees no reason they cannot host our events. There are a lot of trails, both bike, walking, and horseback. Swimming is from a white sand beach, and there are restrooms and dressing rooms nearby. Fishing is great and canoeing and kayaking are possible. All of the theme parks are located nearby as well as shopping. Something for all members of the family to do.

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Preregistration is not required, but riders will not be able to register or have their bike inspected on the day of the event until preregistered riders have departed, and the control windows must still be respected. For registration within the last 24 hours before the start a $10 late fee will apply as all Brevet cards, rosters and other information has to be posted by hand.

Please use either the HTML Registration form or the Word Registration form.

Please return this registration form signed and with checks to Michael E. Grussemeyer and make sure they arrive no later than 24 hours before the event. If you are late with your registration please sent in via email so that Brevet cards can be created. If you sent in your registration via email at least 24 hours prior to the event and use the check in the night before the event, the late fee does not apply.

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Every participant has to complete and sign the following waiver before the ride.

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The fees for the events will be as follows:

Distance Date/Time Florida Freewheeler Orlando Members Non Members
200 km
125 mi  
8th January
7 AM
$ 15 $ 20
300 km
188 mi  
5th February
6 AM
$ 20 $ 25
400 km
250 mi  
5th March
4 AM
$ 25 $ 30
600 km
375 mi  
2nd April
4 AM
$ 35 $ 40

All 4 events
  $ 80 $ 105

A late registration fee of $10 for registration within less than 24 hours of the ride start will apply.

Club members of the Florida Freewheelers Orlando will get a $5 discount. The Florida Freewheelers are a great club with rides for different categories each weekend. They are known for their Florida Bicycle Safari and Horrible Hundred. Their annual dues for Individual or Family is $25. If you want to join the Florida Freewheelers you can use this membership application form.
Do all 4 events, become a member and still save money: Instead of  $115 total for all 4 events, become a member ($25) and only pay $80. You still save $10 and get a membership in one of best clubs in Central Florida. In addition to saving $10 for the registration of all 4 events at once you won't have to worry about late fees.

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Randonneurs USA (RUSA):

RUSA rules will apply for all rides.

Membership is required before the ride to use the brevet as a qualifier for e.g. PBP (Paris - Brest - Paris) or BMB (Boston - Montreal - Boston).

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Required Equipment:

For night riding, vehicles must be equipped with front and rear lights attached firmly to the vehicle. Lights must be fully functional at all times. At least one of the rear lights must be in a steady (rather than flashing) mode. All riders' lights must meet the requirements of local laws. Spare lights are strongly recommended; spare bulbs are required (if the light has no exchangeable bulb, a spare light is required). Riders not complying with all these requirements will not be permitted to start. Lights must be on from dusk to dawn and at any other times when poor visibility conditions exist (rain, fog, etc.). Each rider, whether riding in a group or by himself, must fully comply with this requirement. Everyone must use their lights!

All riders must wear a reflective vest, sash, Sam Browne belt, or some other device that clearly places reflective material on the front and back of the rider. During night riding, all riders will also wear a reflective ankle band around each ankle.

Helmets are required.

Any violation of these riding rules will result in the immediate disqualification of the rider.

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Safety Inspections:

We will conduct safety inspections the evening before the ride or at the ride start on the morning of the ride on some Brevets. Lights should be affixed, correctly aimed and working. Only riders that will have fully operating safety equipment as outline in "Required Equipment" can participate in the ride.

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Medals and Awards:

Because our sport is non-competitive, RUSA does not have special trophies for those who rode the most brevet kilometers or who climbed the most hills. Nor are there categories for age, gender, type of machine, etc.

Awards are earned by simply finishing events inside the time limit. Participation and determination are the two essential things needed to earn randonneuring honors. The most frequently earned awards are for the series events; the 200km, 300km, 400km, and the 600km.

There are many other awards which can be viewed on the RUSA web site as well as the series medals. Take a look at RUSA's Medal Gallery.

Medals and Awards can only be purchased or awarded to RUSA Members, or Pending Members. (Proof of application for pending members needed at the time of ordering.)

The series distance awards cost $7.00 each and can be ordered by checking medal line on the back of your brevet card when you sign it and turn it in to your RBA after completing the brevet. I ask an additional $3.00 for shipping and handling, since I will receive them and purchase mailers and postage to mail to you. Usually these are mailed out after the series is over.

I'm not one much for awards and trophies, but the medals I have hanging on my bulletin board by my desk represent personal bests with each event. These medals are real authentic and after you complete your brevet you will know more meaningfully the term "You've Earned It".

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